Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Feeling Chilled? Looking Back At A Warm Vermont October

Fall foliage near Bakersfield, Vermont
during a warm, slightly wet, but
beautiful October, 2014.  
I got distracted by that big cold, snowy nor'easter that hit New England over the weekend, and forgot to take a look back at October.

Here in Vermont, October gives us warm memories. Turns out that in Burlington, Vermont we had the fifth hottest October on record.

The mean temperature was 53.5 degrees or 5.4 degrees above normal. Six days made it over 70 degrees, and one day touched 80 degrees, which was a record high for the date on October 15.

Warm nights were a big feature in October. Ten nights never got below 50 degrees, and four nights in a row at mid-month never got below 60 degrees, which is extremely, extremely odd for Burlington in October.

The rest of Vermont was warm in October as well, Montpelier was 3.1 degrees milder than average, St. Johnsbury and Springfield were also more than three degrees on the plus side.

October in Vermont was also on the wet side, which is a good thing because it was starting to get awfully dry by the end of September.

Burlington had 4.17 inches of rain, which was more than a half inch wetter than normal. Most other areas of Vermont were between a half inch and an inch wetter than normal.

It's no longer very dry in Vermont, but we could still use some more soaking rains in November before the ground freezes. I hate to wish gloomy weather on people, but we could still use more precipitation.

Despite the October rains, we had a lot of sunny days, not all THAT much wind and no freezes of note. That kept the fall foliage on the trees for a longer time than I would have expected. It was one of the nicest foliage seasons I can remember.

So keep those warm, beautiful October memories with you as we enter the dark, cloudy dank, cold, windy and bleak months of November and December.

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