Friday, November 7, 2014

Tony Perkins Wins Award For Nuttiest Global Warming Theory

Tony Perkins has some interesting theories
about climate change activists.  
Congratulations goes out to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who has the motivations behind the people worried about climate change.

See, people who are telling us that global warming is a threat are part of a gay agenda to depopulate the world. 

According to Right Wing Watch, Perkins said gay people don't have kids. (Tell that to same-gender couples who adopt or get surrogates.)

On a radio talk show,  "Perkins told his caller that his suspicions were 'absolutely correct' and that he had warned before about how 'climate change alarmists and those who are pushing population control' promote homosexuality because 'there's no procreation there.'"

"They deny it but it's footnoted in my book," Perkins said.

Well, there! There's the proof right there. If Perkins wrote it in a book, his theory HAS to be true.

Perkins doesn't get into why these activists want to depopulate the Earth, and how climate scientists came to conspire with gay people to come up with climate change science, but maybe he's just not a detail kind of guy.

You have to admit Perkins' theory is more entertaining than the main climate conspiracy meme, that climate scientists invented the "hoax" of global warming to get oodles of cash from the government for fraudulent studies, or something.

And ever notice any time there's a problem, The Gays did it, at least in the world inhabited by Perkins and his ilk.

I have my own conspiracy theory as to why the planet is warming. It's because of all the hot air coming out of Perkins and his whackadoodle extreme right wing, scary but ever-entertaining nutcase contingent.

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