Monday, November 3, 2014

A TV Weather Boy Delivers Awesome Forecast

It's meteorologists on TV, not "Weather Girls" There are
no weather boys, either, except for this kid.  
Last week, Dr. Marshall Shepherd correctly wondered why some people refer to female television meteorologists as "weather girls" but male television meteorologists are never "weather boys."

I totally agree. This should be obvious.

A meteorologist is a meteorologist.  "Weather girl" totally trivializes the professionalism of women who are scientists.

Let's not patronize any woman going into sciences for a career. There's too few of them now. We need more.

The only Weather Girls I want to see referenced are the two singers that had the novelty hit "It's Raining Men" back in the early 1980s.

Only 12 percent of the meteorological workforce is composed of women, as was noted on Shepherd's Weather  Channel show "Weather Geeks." (The show is also known as "WX Geeks." Take your pick.)

All this having been said, I'm now going to get trivial, with this observation: It's fair to say one appearance on television recently was by a "weather boy."

He's not a meteorologist, at least not yet, but he NAILED it, very entertainingly, on Chicago television station WGN recently.

I suppose WGN's habit of featuring children delivering weather forecasts also trivializes things, but I guess morning television has to be entertaining. You know, ratings and all.

But I have to admit this kid, named Charlie Hale is entertaining. And enthusiastic. Watch:

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