Saturday, November 22, 2014

Buffalo Snow And "Frozen" Meet, In A Fun Way

Michele Marie Roberts belts out a Buffalo, N.Y. snowstorm
parody of "Frozen."  
I know, I know, snow in Buffalo, snow in Buffalo. It snowed in Buffalo.

But I can't resist posting the video, below, that puts a positive spin on the gazillion feet of snow towns near Buffalo, New York got this week.

Seems like it was made by a Chamber of Commerce type group out of the Buffalo region, but that's cool. Or frozen, as the case may be.

It was produced by Visit Buffalo Niagara and Paget Films. The singer is Michelle Marie Roberts, and Karen Leary came up with the concept.

At least people are keeping a pretty positive attitude about the snow. I'd certainly be grumbling. Or curled up in the basement, sobbing, if I got seven feet of snow if four days.

H/T to Ellen Cronin for pointing out this video to me:

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