Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wild Storm Videos Keep Cropping Up, Here And Abroad

Media attention over the past few weeks has focused on weather disasters like Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the huge tornado outbreak last Sunday in the American Midwest, and the record flooding in Sardinia.

Here's one more in a series of dramatic tornado videos coming out of the Midwest.

In this one, a gas station security camera is aimed at the the house across the street. Notice the details: The car on the road very, very quickly turning around right before the tornado hits, the fact that the gas station in the foreground seems to sustain little damage, but watch what happens to the house across the street, and how quickly it happens.

There have been other storms lately, too. For those of you who like "weather porn" those videos and images of dramatic storms that get us weather geeks all excited,  I have a few gifts for you.

First, we take you to Australia. I found a couple videos of a huge hailstorm that struck parts of the country last week. There was widespread damage from hail that in some places was at least the size of baseballs.

Here's what it looked like from an upper floor balcony as enormous hailstones crashed landed into a river below:

Here's another view of the Australian hail. If you can't wait for the drama to start, things start to get interesting at the four minute mark and get really exciting starting at about 5:50:

Finally, videographer Dan Robinson put together an awesome, awesome compilation of big thunderstorms around Charleston, West Virginia over the years. The video features shelf clouds, whih form along the leading edge of thunderstorms. If you see a shelf cloud, chances are very high you are about to get hit by a really bad thunderstorms.

Check out a lot more of Robinson's excellent work at

Here's Robinson's shelf cloud video:

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