Monday, November 18, 2013

Tornado Outbreak Over; Stormy Weather In Vermont To End Soon

Many people in Vermont probably heard a gusty downpour bluster through before dawn this Monday morning.
Washington, Illinois after Sunday's deadly tornadoes. 

That was the remnants of that terrible tornado outbreak in the Midwest Sunday.

The Vermont storms, such as they were, caused minor power failures and knocked down a few tree limbs. Not a big deal, especially if you compare that to the Midwest.

At last report, at least six people are known to have died in the tornado outbreak, one of the worst November tornado swarms on record.  Preliminary reports suggest there might have been as many as 80 tornadoes.

To put this in perspective, the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore said he found this statistic: Since 1986, the National Weather Service has issued 194 tornado warnings in November within the state of Illinois. 101 of those warnings, or more than half of them, were issued on Sunday.

Things are settling down in the Midwest, with no new bad storms expected.

Here in Vermont, we'll have a windy day, but showers will taper off. Temperatures will slowly fall, and it looks like we're in for a chilly week.

But no more disasters in the nation are forecast this week, thank Gawd.

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