Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dreaming Of A White Thanksgiving?

This Thursday morning dawned very cold across the Northeast with temperatures in the single digits in the cold mountain hollows and the teens elsewhere across northern New York and northern New England.
Bundle up! It's going to
get really cold this weekend.  

Get used to it. An Arctic blast is on the way.

The weather will be pretty close to average for late November across Vermont and surrounding states until Saturday, when an Arctic front goes through. It's part of a massive cold snap that is expected to hit the eastern two thirds of the nation

By Sunday, temperatures will be pretty normal for mid-January, with highs somewhere between 18 and 28 and lows Sunday night possibly getting to near zero in some of the colder hollows.

Most of us will have lows somewhere between 5 and 15 above

Is it too soon to be sick of winter?

This cold wave, at least the early stages of it, won't come with a lot of snow, but I'm sure the ground will be whitened in most areas of Vermont by Sunday.

There is a question mark for Wednesday and Thanksgiving, which could affect your travel plans. It'll stay cold and some computer models are suggesting a nor'easter.

At this point, early indications are the storm could stay weak and far enough offshore to not give Vermont much snow or wintry precipitation.

However, some computer models give us a big dump of snow or mixed precipitation next Wednesday. The jury is still out on this one, that's for sure.

As they always say, stay tuned for later forecasts.

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  1. I was really missing your blog and had no idea it was still here! Too bad I missed it for all those months. Glad to have found it.