Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bitter Cold And HUGE Questions About Pre-Thanksgiving Storm

The easy part of the forecast came true. As expected, it is bitter, bitter, bitter cold in the northeastern United States.
A web cam image taken at around 9:45 a.m. Sunday
shows iffy road conditons amid snow showers
along Interstate 89 in Bolton, Vermont.  

Here in Vermont, temperatures at 9 a.m. Sunday stood in the upper single numbers to upper teens in most places, and wind chills were near zero.

It's not going to get any better today, folks. I'm just going to hibernate through the day and write off venturing outdoors. I'm just not used to this yet.

On top of that, there are still snow showers around, especially near the Green Mountains. The strong winds are also blowing snow around, so many roads remain slippery.

Let's not start the winter off by sliding into a ditch today, OK kiddies?

There's a wind advisory for all of Vermont except the Champlain Valley as winds could gust to 50 mph today. It'll be calmer in the Champlain Valley were gusts will "only" reach 40 mph.

Let's hope no power lines snap. Nobody needs a cold house on a day like this.

Temperatures tonight will be in near record territory, with lows of 5 below to 10 above. You'd think it was January or something.

A warm front of sorts will come through Monday, giving us a dusting to an inch of snow Monday afternoon and evening and temperatures that will still be cold, but nothing extreme.

Now an update on that much talked about storm for Tuesday and Wednesday. The computer weather forecasting models are even more confused about this storm as they were yesterday.

On Saturday some models gave interior New England, including Vermont a big snowstorm while other models mostly took the storm out to sea.

Now, models are offering us each of those scenarios, and have additionally thrown in a third one:
Maybe the storm will go inland, giving Vermont a storm that starts out as snow, changes to a cold, soaking rain, and ends in a period of snow.

Your guess as to what's going to happen is as good as mine.

To be on the safe side, anticipate lousy travel conditions Tuesday night and Wednesday, and I hope by Monday the computer models will get a more solid handle on this storm and we'll have a better idea what to expect.

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