Monday, January 9, 2017

Some Of My Favorite Cloud And Weather Photos Of 2016

A rainbow takes advantage of
a break in the clouds during a very
windy storm on January 10
in Cambridge, Vermont. 
One of my favorite things to do is take photographs of the sky and clouds. To me, there is an infinite number of colors and textures and shapes up there.

Especially in the summer. The unstable air in thunderstorms gives us an endless supply of shadows, colors, structures, darkness and light.

This post contains some of my favorite cloud and weather and sky images from 2016. All of them were taken in Vermont.

You'll see them roughly in chronological order, since I can't decide which ones I like best.

Click on each image if you like to make them bigger and easier to see.  There's quite a few images here, so settle in and enjoy.

Also feel free to respond with your own classic cloud and weather images.

Weather is perhaps the most visual and beautiful of phenomenon.


A moody spring sunset in April over Lake Champlain. 

Smoke from Canadian forest fires created
this moody, odd sunset in May, as seen from
St. Albans, Vermont.

Thunderstorms between the Vermont/Canada border
and Montreal loom in the distance, as viewed
from St. Albans, Vermont in June.

Stomr clouds swirl over Starksboro, Vermont in mid-June. 
Ominous storm clouds get criss-crossed over Georgia,
Vermont in June. Although this storm looks tornadic
it was not. I couldn't see any rotation in the clouds.

A thunderstorm gains strength as it approaches Georgia, Vermont
in early July. The storm knocked down some trees in town.

The first in a series of thunderstorms
forms over northern New York
on the evening of July 22. This
storm marked the start of a
severe weather outbreak that continued
the night of July 22 and during the day of July 23 

The July 22-23 severe storm outbreak in Vermont ends the way
it began, with a lone thunderstorm at sunset over
northern New York, looking west from St. Albans, Vermont 

A hot, hazy day along Lake Champlain in early
August, Burlington, Vermont 

The sun sets behind a distant thunderstorm in this
moody shot viewed from South Burlington,
Vermont in mid-August. 

Altocumulus clouds give drama to the sky
over St. Albans, Vermont in September.
A October sunset viewed from St. Albans Vermont
adds its own seasonal orange hues to the skies

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