Saturday, January 14, 2017

Snow Day At Oregon Zoo Was A Pleasure For The Animals

Nora the Polar Bear enjoys a foot of new snow at the Oregon
Zoo in Portland this past week.
During Portland, Oregon's epic snowstorm last week, one of the places that had to close to the public was the Oregon Zoo. 

The roads were just too dangerous, and the zoo had too much work to do digging out from a foot of snow to welcome humans.

However, as the humans of Portland grumbled over nearly impassable roads, snapped power lines and broken branches, the animals at the zoo had a BLAST of a snow day.

Here's a wonderful video from the Oregon Zoo showing polar bears, sea otters, seals and an Asian elephant just loving winter.  (Staffers at the Oregon Zoo could NOT resist filming all these escapades.)

Next time I complain about having to scrape ice off my car, I'll try to remember to have fun like the guys in this video:

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