Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mid-Size Snowfall Mostly Hitting Pa. To S. New England

For the first time in more than two weeks, I was created
by blue skies over my yard in St. Albans, Vermont this morning.
However, clouds will come back in later today. 
One thing's for sure, we've had a lot of "overperforming" storms in the nation this winter.

Overperforming storms are ones that create more snow, more rain, more wind and more rough weather than most forecasters had anticipated before the storms actually  hit.

One such storm is heading into the Northeast now.

This one is certainly no blockbuster. It's wimpy but not as wimpy as you'd expect.

It's an Alberta Clipper, one of those storms that zip on through from the High Plains of Canada through the northern Tier of states into the Northeast.

Alberta Clippers usually don't have much moisture with them, and typically don't drop much snow.  The usually good for a dusting, maybe one or two inches of snow before quickly slinking away.

That's true with this one, too, but it's still outperforming  most clippers, and will drop a stripe of three to six inches of snow from Pennsylvania to southern Maine.

It was snowing pretty hard in Pennsylvania this morning, and by this afternoon, it'll snow at a pretty good rate into southern New England

Winter weather advisories are up for the lower Hudson Valley of New York north of the Big Apple and pretty much all of southern New England into tonight. Up to six inches of snow could fall in this region. That's especially true in southeastern New England, and maybe up into far southern Maine.

Up here in northern Vermont, we awoke to the first bright and clear and sunny day in more than two weeks.   A nice relief from the long-lasting gloom we endured.

Some of this Alberta Clipper snow will work its way north later today and tonight, and into Wednesday morning. Most of Vermont is in for one to three inches of fluff from this one.

No big deal, but a bit of icing on the powdery cake for the ski areas.

As advertised in earlier posts, temperatures will trend to below normal levels later this week and through the weekend, but it won't be extreme for early February. Just the kind of stuff we're used to in a typical winter, is all.

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