Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tornado, Severe Storm Videos From Last Week's Southern Storms

Tornado damage in Alabama this week. Image by
Joe Sanger/ via AP 
As previously reported, there was an outbreak of severe weather and tornadoes in the South this week.

The tornadoes, unfortunately, killed seven people in the South. This is on top of the 13 deaths in eastern Tennessee from the extreme wildfires that roared through Gatlinburg and surrounding towns just ahead of the storms.  

There might be some more severe weather right along the Gulf Coast Monday.

As almost always, there are a few pretty good vides of the storms.

In Destin, Florida, a large waterspout moved ashore and continued on as a tornado. That doesn't happen too often. Usually waterspouts dissipate pretty quickly when they get on or near shore.

However, the atmospherics were right to get this one to keep going.

In the video, the waterspout appears to begin to dissipate when it reaches shore, but gathers itself again to cause more problems inland

A confirmed tornado touched down in Simpsonville, South Carolina: This video appears to be have been taken close to, but not inside the tornado. Still pretty dramatic:

Now, I just love this video of high school students sheltering in an interior hallway during a tornado warning near Atlanta, Georgia.

They comforted themselves by breaking into Christmas songs. Most of the kids singing are in chorus, and sang, as practice for an upcoming performance,  "Mary, Did You Know" while waiting out the tornado warning. Perfect!  (Luckily, the school ended up not being hit by a tornado.)

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