Saturday, December 31, 2016

"Consolation Prize" Snow Due In Vermont Tonight

A little more snow is due tonight,
especially away from Lake Champlain. 
Vermont snow lovers no doubt felt cheated this week when the anticipated winter storm turned out to be less dramatic than originally advertised.

Oh sure, the ski resorts and cross country trails got a decent thump, but nothing spectacular. People who like that sort of thing felt let down.

Maybe Mother Nature felt bad for this crowd, so it looks as if some "consolation prize" snow is coming tonight.

I mentioned over the past few days that a weak storm system will zip through on New Year's Eve and that's still true.

It appears now that this weakling will have a bit more oomph than people thought earlier.

This will by no means be a blockbuster. Still, a few more inches of snow will arrive.

The Champlain Valley will get no more than one or two inches of snow. Maybe one or two lucky spots could end up with three inches.

Away from the lake, especially in the Adirondacks of New York, the Green Mountains and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, there could be three to five inches of new fluff by the time this ends early tomorrow morning.

Like I said, no biggie, but a nice freshener for the slopes.

Of course, this is hitting on New Year's Eve,  as mentioned yesterday, I don't know if slick, snow covered roads and drunken drivers is the ideal combination, so there's that.

People braving the elements for First Night activities can take heart that although it will be snowing it won't be one of those bitter subzero nights that seem to come on many New Year's Eves.  Expect temperatures tonight in the 20s to near 30.

Still, in the Champlain Valleys, winds gusting to 30 mph tonight will add a bite to the otherwise mild weather

There also remains bad news on the horizon for snow lovers. Freezing rain, then a good slug of rain is coming in from a new storm Monday night and Tuesday.

It won't melt all the snow, but it'll ruin the powder.

Then it turns colder later in the week, so there will be chances of additional powder beyond that. We'll wait and see.

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