Saturday, December 10, 2016

Will Snowy, Ugly Monday Morning Commutes Become Tradition This Year?

My house in St. Albans,  Vermont was looking all
Christmasy Monday after an abrupt dump of
five inches of new snow. Another snowfall
expected this Monday will freshen up the snow cover
I know it's the weekend -- YEEHAW -- but I'm already looking at the back to work situation this comingMonday and it's beginning to look like it might be similar to last Monday's mess.

You remember last Monday in Vermont and surrounding areas: That burst of rather heavy snow that struck just as everybody hit the road to go to work.

People crashed into each other, slipped and slid, got stuck in traffic jams and pretty much  had a miserable time.

It might be very much the same this Monday.

There's a storm making a cross country trip across the northern tier of the United States, coast to coast. It caused lots of winter weather issues in places like Seattle and Portland the other day.

Now there's winter weather advisories and winter storm watches with this storm up from South  Dakota to Michigan today and/or Sunday.

Monday is our turn here in Vermont as the storm finally reaches the New England coast to end its cross country journey.

Like last Monday, this is not a blockbuster storm, certainly not one for the record books. I'm guessing most of the northern half of New York and northern New England is in for maybe two to six inches of snow, with maybe locally higher amounts in one or two spots.

But, this coming Monday morning, the  heaviest burst of snow will probably come just as we're driving to work, just like the Monday before.

Definitely plan on leaving for work earlier than you normally do. Or hey, better yet: Call in sick if you feel like it.

There won't be much precipitation left over for the afternoon trip back home Monday. Just a few snowflakes. Maybe even a few raindrops mixed in the warmer parts of the Champlain Valley.

The rest of next week looks wintry, with some chances of snow, and a cold blast at the end of the week that's chillier than the one we've got today.


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