Sunday, December 18, 2016

Severe Storms: It's Australia's Season

Severe storm approaches Brisbane, Australia
Sunday. The storm caused widespread damage
In the Mid-South yesterday, there were a handful of tornado reports ahead of a strong Arctic front sweeping across the nation.

No injuries were reported, and damage was pretty light, which is a good thing.

We do get tornadoes this time of year, but obviously, winter isn't the peak season for these dangerous storms. Spring and summer is the peak season.

If you want to see severe thunderstorms, supercells and tornadoes, go to the Southern Hemisphere, where it is now summer.

Mostly because of geography, theres' not as many big storms in the Southern Hemisphere as in NorthAmerica.

However, Australia is pretty famous for some intense storms and supercells and tornadoes.

Below are videos, the first one of an epic supercell that swept across part of Australia a week ago, and then more videos of a particularly intense, damaging, severe storm Sunday in Queensland. The damage was particularly bad in and around Brisbane.

Australian Broadcasting Corp. said Queensland Environmental Minister Steve Miles was trapped for a time in  his house by fallen trees and power lines.

If you're craving some severe weather videos, here's one of a recent supercell in Australia. What's striking, pardon the pun, about this video is the incredible amount of lightning in the storm:

Here's a news video of this past week's storm in Queensland, Australia. Pretty nasty!!!

Here's what it looked like in one back yard in Ipswich, Australia

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