Saturday, February 6, 2016

Watch A Tornado Bully A Tennessee School Yard

Security camera footage shows debris flying
around a Tennessee high school during
a tornado earlier this week. 
I love surveillance cameras in tornadoes.

It's obviously way too dangerous and foolhardy for someone to film a tornado when it's right on top of you. (Though some doofuses try anyway.)

What appears to be a tornado is captured from several angles in this video from Crockett County, Tennessee.

The tornado happened earlier this week as a storm system swung dangerous tornadoes through parts of the southeast.

The EF-1 tornado packed winds of up to 95 mph, so it wasn't the strongest tornado ever, but you can see even ones that aren't super huge are dangerous. Look at all the sheet metal flying around.

The tornado ripped the roof of a vocational educational building on the high school campus, television station WREG reported. The tornado struck after school hours, so there weren't man people around.

Plus, the school district had canceled after school programs because of the threat of severe weather, which also helped tremendously.

Here's the video:

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