Saturday, February 6, 2016

Watch All Of The World's 2015 Weather In One Very Cool Video

A still from a video of satellite imagery showing
the world's weathe in 2015.
Meterologists put together a really cool video taken from geostationary satellites that show how the weather evolved across the globe during 2015.

The video is a compilation of geostationary satellities operated by EUMETSAT, the Japan Meteorological Society and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Mark Higgins, Training Manager at EUMETSAT narrates the video, pointing out highlighs such as the numeous cyclones and typhoons that formed in the eastern Pacific and Indian oceans and the seasonal transitions from large extratropical storms to thunderstorms in the northern hemisphere.

He also points out features like hurricane Joaquin, which then raced across the Atlantic Ocean as a strong non-tropical storm that unleashed floods in Europe.

It's a cool video to watch, if only to enjoy the steady flow of clouds and weather systems as they make their way around the world. It's like watching a well-tuned machine at work.

Even if under the clouds depicted in this "well-tuned machine"there's sometimes a chaos of wind and rain and blizzards and other dangerous weather.

 Here's the video:

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