Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Ever Reliable Scituate, Massachusetts Gets Pounded Again

Storm chaser Simon Brewer posted this photo
of waves crashing into Scituate, Mass on Monday.  
People flock to Scituate, Massachusetts every time there's a nasty nor'easter.

The way the town is oriented, the waves and high tides tend to crash dramatically onto the heavily developed Scituate shoreline.

So it was on Monday that Scituate took another pounding.

This wasn't the worst ever. Not by a long shot. Go back to the Blizzard of '78 if you really want to see some Scituate drama and destruction.

Editor's Note: I don't. What's the fun in seeing somebody's house destroyed.

But Moday  was pretty dramatic, as these videos show.

Storm Chasing Video always has somebody in the thick of it. No matter what the storm is.

So here's Storm Chasing Video's view of Scituate:

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