Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Westboro Baptist Church Weirdos To Picket National Weather Service Because Gays

Westboro Baptist Church has been reduced
to protesting at the National Weather Service 
Westboro Baptist Church is that tiny group of loonies from Kansas who noisily protest at all kinds of random events and places because that's what they do.

Their latest target is the National Weather Service, according to The Vane, the weather portion of the Gawker web site. 

Why, did it rain on one of their protests when the NWS forecasted clear skies?

Nope. It's not quite that simple. It never is with the Westboro loonies.

Here's part of their press release:

"Westboro Baptist Church will picket the National Weather Service to remind them that ONLY by God's mercy and power do you gather intelligence on His weather. The day comes when all weather rules, as you know them, will be gone. America crossed the Rubicon when by force of law, you permitted same sex marriage."

Yes, it's the gays. It's always the gays. I'm sure the gays caused the South Carolina floods, like they seem to cause all disasters.

I'm also unclear on why the National Weather Service shouldn't "gather intelligence" on "God's weather." I kinda want to know if God wants me to bring an umbrella with me today, and you'd think God would get the National Weather Service to tell me what to do.

Apparently, according to Westboro, God hates it when people predict the future. And of course the National Weather Service is ALWAYS in the habit of predicting the future.

Anyway, I do like how Westboro has renamed meteorologists. They said: "NOTE to weather reporting rebels: Nothing happens in this earth without the direct command of God. HE is sovereign of all!"

I'm sure God forecasts the weather better than any meteorologist on Earth, but I do approve of calling meteorologists "Weather Reporting Rebels." It just sounds cooler.

So, if you happen to be in Norman, Oklahoma on Thursday head on down to the National Weather Service office or the national Storm Prediction Center and check out the Westboro loonies.

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