Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Watch That Strong Waterspout In Tampa Trash That Mail Truck

Waterspout blowing a postal truck and other
objects apart over the weekend near Tampa, Florida
In case you missed it, a strong waterspout blew onto Tampa, Florida's Sunshine Skyway Bridge over the weekend, hitting a poor unfortunate U.S. Postal Service tractor trailor.

Waterspouts are usually pretty weak, at least compared to land based tornadoes, but this one was strong.

When it came ashore onto the bridge, it tipped the mail truck over, then righted it back up while blowing it to pieces.

It also sent mail flying, to I don't know, Venezuela by the looks of the video.

Luckily the driver wasn't really injured, though of course he had quite a fright

Meterologist Ginger Zee with ABC News has a very good report on this:

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