Sunday, October 11, 2015

New England: Did Someone Say Snow?

There might be some combined
autumn/winter scenes like this
 in New England in about a week.  
Despite a warm summer and early fall, some New Englanders are understandably touchy over the mention of snow, after the epic winter of 2014-15.

But snow is inevitable, and it's starting to be the season where it can get a little white out there.

That said, prepare for next weekend!  

It's already snowed in some corners of New England of course. Caribou, Maine has had a trace of snow in two of the past three days. The summits of northern New England mountains were white yesterday.

Plus, it does normally start to snow in the Northeast this time of year, at least occasionally.

Now, computer models are starting to focus on snow for much of New England next weekend and early next week.

Before you get too alarmed, we're not talking about any kind of blockbuster blizzard. It also won't snow everywhere in New England. Plus, forecasts can change and it might prove a little warmer than current forecasts.

As I see it now, though, there's the potential for several inches of snow in the upper elevations of northern New England, and flurries on valley floors in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and maybe western Massachusetts.

This could set us up for something really pretty. Foliage season is running late, thanks to a record warm early autumn. Snow and fall foliage can make for some pretty striking photographs.

Of course, you don't want too much snow. If you get many inches or feet of heavy wet snow with foliage still on trees, you get disasters that involve thousands of fallen and broken trees and power failures that last for weeks.

This happened famously in October 1987 in Vermont, New York and Massachusetts, and in much of southern New England, New York and New Jersey in October, 2011. 

Luckily, I'm so far not anticipating anything close to that extreme.

But this is the week to buy your winter boots, and consider getting those snow tires for your car. Even if the temperature does make it to 70 degrees on Monday ahead of the upcoming chill.

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