Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fascinating Tornado In Australia A Couple Months Back

Tornado sweeps through Dubbo Australia in August.  
A tornado hit the community of Dubbo, Australia back in late August, damaging at least seven homes and causing quite a bit of other destruction in a section of that town in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Yeah, I know this is ancient history, but I just find this particular tornado fascinating.

Two things strike me about the two videos you'll see below.

One is, it's a pretty narrow tornado, but as it gets close in the first video, you can tell how strong it is by how loud it gets as it draws near, and how violently debris is thrown into the air.

The second thing that's interesting in both videos the surrounding areas seem to be having pleasant evening weather conditions. There's quite a bit of blue sky, and the clouds in the background don't seem all that menacing.

Just goes to show that tornadoes don't always have to look black and fearsome to do some serious harm

Here are the videos:

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