Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shelf Cloud Adds To Joy Of Vermont Foliage

A pretty shelf cloud approaches my home in
St. Albans, Vermont last evening. The orange
patch near the horizon is the setting sun.  
Cameras are justifiably aimed at the trees here in Vermont now, as the fall foliage season is in full swing.

Sometimes, though, the sky, feeling left out, wants to put on an October show.

Last evening, I was surprised as the sky suddenly turned dark over my St. Albans, Vermont home. I looked and to my surprise there was a shelf cloud approaching.

Shelf clouds form in front of strong showers and thunderstorms, and can be a sign of severe weather approaching.

Click on the photos to make them bigger and easier to read. I earlier posted a couple photos of these clouds taken on my iPhone but the images came out a little blurry. These images were taken on
a Canon Rebel. Much better.

Another view of last night's
 approaching line of showers that
added drama to the sky. 
In this case, the cloud's bark was worse than its bite. When the storm arrived, it lacked lighting. Winds gusted to only about 35 mph and there was a brief downpour.

The clouds you see in these still photos I took from my the end of my driveway appear as it they've developed a spin and want to form a funnel.

 However, if you were watching in real time, there was absolutely no sign of rotation and the weather setup was such that there wouldn't be rotation, or funnels or anything like that.

It was just a line of showers ahead of a cold front passing through.

Still a fun sight for a weather geek, though.

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