Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Thunderstorms Do Crazy Things

Storm clouds gather over Calgary, Canada
as a happy couple embrace last week.
Photo by Cassie Molyneux.  
Once again today, thunderstorms will produce flash flooding, vivid lightning and other troubles in parts of the nation today.

It's the middle of summer, so thunderstorms are de rigeur for this time of year.

Vast areas in the middle of the country are still under flood watches because of these storms.

Besides the flash floods, thunderstorms can do amazing, surprising things. Or be incredibly photogenic.

In Calgary, Alberta, Canada recently, a big thunderstorm unleashed a horrible pelting of hail, a lot of wind and a lot of rain.

According to Buzzfeed, that storm helped create a wedding photo for the ages, especially if the couple in question are weather geeks.

The happy couple, Helen Knight and Owen Chan, posed for a photo at a park overlooking Calgary as the storm approached. Photographer Cassie Molyneux caught the dramatic scene.  The photo leads this post. Click on it to make it bigger and easier to see.

Everybody in the wedding party then got caught outside in the storm and fled to a house to dry out.

Next in our summer thunderstorm tour, we learn that God must hate Wendy's fast food restaurants, judging from this brief but shocking video:

Finally, we have a beautiful time lapse video from Arizona of a thunderstorm producing a microburst.

Microbursts are violent downdrafts of air from a thunderstorm that hit the ground and spread out. They cover a small area, less than 2.5 miles in area, but can be as dangerous as a tornado.

Here you see the giant gush of rain that typically accompanies a microburst as it blasts an area of Arizona this week. Awesome video!

Getting back to the floods, videographer David Rankin captured this flash flood, caused by mountain thunderstorms, sweeping down Johnson Canyon, Utah Monday:

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