Friday, July 24, 2015

Dance Of The Umbrellas On Maryland Beach

Beach umbrellas race in the wind down an
Ocean City, Maryland beach as a storm arrived Monday.  
On Monday, a gusty thunderstorm rolled into Ocean City, Maryland.

The beach had lots of blue umbrellas to give people shade from the hot sun. Had, because the thunderstorm took the umbrellas and bounced them away, down the beach.

You'll see it in the video below.

The umbrellas could have hurt someone, with their metal poles, but it's still funny to watch. And for the record, I have heard no reports of injuries with this storm on the beach.

H/T to Dennis Mersereau of The Vane, which is Gawker's excellent weather blog, for calling our attention to this video. The video starts slightly slow, but gets good just after the one minute mark:

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