Friday, July 17, 2015

Big Dramatic Tornado In Illinois Yesterday

Big tornado in Illinois yesterday.  
A large scary looking tornado swept through an area of Illinois yesterday, about 200 miles southwest of Chicago.

I was surprised to see such a monster, but there was no good scientific reason why I was surprised

Large tornadoes are most common in the spring and early summer, and less common once you get into July. But you can still get biggies anytime of year, so this isn't so shocking.

There was a severe thunderstorm watch, but not a tornado watch in effect before the tornado formed. Just proves that severe thunderstorms can spin off tornadoes, even when forecasters think the risk of twisters is relatively low

Of course, once meteorologists detected rotation on radar, they issued a tornado warning for the area. Sometimes tornado warnings turn out to be false alarms. Not this time. So take heed whenever your area goes under a tornado warning.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting damage around the town of Cameron, Illinois, but early reports are there are no major injuries.

The tornado, as you'll see in the video below, was multi-vortex. That means there were small but intense tornadoes spinning inside the larger one.

Frequently in this video, you'll see the funnel cloud not actually touching the ground. But the tornado is there, believe me.

And while the main funnel doesn't always touch the ground, you'll see the suction vortices spinning around. (Suction vortices are the official name of those smaller tornadoes within the main one.)

Here's the video from storm chaser Kholby Martin.

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