Sunday, July 26, 2015

Glad I Wasn't On This Flight To Netherlands Saturday

Big tree down in Amsterdam, The Netherlands after
worst summer storm on record Saturday. Photo
by Annemarje Heijerman via Instagram.  
The severest summer wind storm to hit the Netherlands at least since reliable records began in 1901 swept through Saturday, killing at least one person, injuring several others and causing widespread damage.

Winds gusted as high as 75 mph along the coast.  Tree damage was very bad in and around Amsterdam.

This wasn't a local thunderstorm. A strong low pressure system, very unusual for this time of year, blew across the region.

That storm did touch off a lot of severe thunderstorms ahead of its cold front in Poland and other countries.

One video that came out of the storm was a KLM flight trying to land in the storm. Spoiler: It did make it, and nobody got hurt, but I would have hated to be in this plane:

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