Saturday, March 7, 2015

Videos: Italy Wind, Beach Hail, Brazil Waterspout, And Obviously, Snow

 A person stands next to an uprooted tree in Italy this week. 
It's always fun or interesting to watch what happens via video during weather extremes, and today I have a few examples.  

There was a terrible wind storm in Italy and Croatia in the past week.

The storms killed at least three people, collapsed the bell tower of a historic church in Florence and tore down countless trees, says the Global Post. 

Here's the scene in Italy:

At a Brazil beach resort last Sunday, a waterspout came ashore as a small tornado last Sunday, scattering palm branches and umbrellas and blasting beachgoers caught in the twister.

Very dangerous for them, but luckily no serious injuries were reported. The following video shows views of the waterspout/tornado. The drama really gets going about 34 seconds into the video:

In Huntington Beach, California in the past week, it wasnt a waterspout but an odd, brief winter wonderland that unexpectedly appeared.

it looked like the amazingly tough winter on the East Coast tried to attack the surfer dudes out there on what is normally the palm tree and warm sand town.

It was a hailstorm that briefly turned the area into a winter wonderland. Watch:

Kentucky got hammered by a record breaking snowstorm this week, as readers of this blog know. People were stuck on Interstate 65 for 12 hours or more.

Things weren't much better on other Kentucky roads, as this video taken just after the snow ended shows:

It seems this winter has been the year of the dramatic winter highway pileups, with huge multi-car crashes on ice in snow in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Hampshire and other places.

The people at caught the aftermath of one such pileup last week along Interstate 94 in Clearwater, Minnesota. Watch the video to inspire you to drive slowly and carefully in winter weather:

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