Monday, March 23, 2015

Lots Of Tennis Ball Sized Hailstorms Bombard Part of Australia Over The Weekend.

Some of the hail that fell on Chinchilla, Australia
a couple days ago.  
As I noted previously, it's been a quiet severe weather season in the United States so far, though the season is young and lots could happen.  

Meanwhile, different parts of Australia have been getting blasted, pummeled, drowned and twirled in a series of severe thunderstorms, huge wind storms, giant hail, big wildfires, cyclones and flooding.

The severe storms have hit in many parts of the country, even causing some flooding earlier this year around the desert town of Alice Springs. 

Plus, there's been well-publicized cyclones like Marcia and Olwyn causing destruction in parts of Australia.

As this weekend demonstrated, the severe weather isn't done yet, as a severe hailstorm struck the area in and around Chinchilla, Queensland, Australia.

Judging from the videos, this is one of the most intense, biggest hailstorms I've come across since the town of Norfolk, Nebraska was trashed by baseball sized hail and near hurricane force wind gusts last June

As the videos you'll see below show, you don't want to be caught outside in one of these storms.

Here's one video of a bunch of people watching their cars get destroyed in Chinchilla:

Another video of the storm, but like seemingly everybody else in the world, they didn't know how to hold their smart phone when filming. Vertical image alert:

And in this video, you can understand play at whatever sports event this was at was suspended, at least until the weather improved.

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