Sunday, March 15, 2015

Boston Breaks Seasonal Snow Record; Twitterers Rejoice. Or Not

Enormous icicles cling to Boston buildings
after a record snowy February. Snow that fell
Sunday evening in Boston ensured the city
this year had its snowiest winter on record.  
An unexpected burst of heavy snow swept into Boston this evening behind a departing storm system, and that burst of snow meant Boston, finally, officially broke the record for its snowiest winter on record.

It was still snowing as of 7 p.m. Sunday, but by then 108.6 inches of snow had accumulated this winter. This broke the previous record of 107.6 inches set in 1995-96

Given the angst of something like six or seven feet of new snow between late January and late February, people were itching for the bragging rights of a new record.

The blast of snow that slammed Boston dwindled by the time March started, and the city was stuck just shy of the record snowiest winter.

Until today.

Snow had been expected in Boston, but it didn't look like it would amount to much.

But as a storm that brought up to a foot of snow to Maine Saturday night and Sunday moved off to the east, cold air blew into Boston via the north winds behind the storm. Those north winds carried that band of snow which sealed the record for the snowiest winter.

The Twitter reaction this evening was a mix of celebration for breaking the record and a desire to move on toward spring.

Here's some of the reactons:

"Champions again! Never gets old."

"We're #1! We're #1."

"Awesome (?)"

"Finally. Now, can we quit? Can we? Pretty please?"

"Mission accomplished. 80 and sunny starting tomorrow, please."

Not likely.

It was still snowing pretty hard as of 7 p.m. in Boston so the record will widen. Temperatures are expected to remain well below normal through this week, and probably beyond in New England.

Plus, there's the chance of another snowstorm next weekend.

Records are made to be broken. Maybe this Boston snow record is one that's REALLY meant to be broken.

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