Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cool Drone View Of Boston Snow Blitz

A drone's eye view of a snow-buried Fenway Park in Boston.
Let's hope the snow melts in time for the Red Sox's
home opener later this spring 
Somebody took a drone and flew it over snowbound Boston in the past couple of weeks, which gives a bird's eye view of how deep the snow is, how deep the winter is.

There is, for once, a slightly hopeful forecast for Boston. After a snow risk tomorrow, vaguely warmer air will drift into town.

That will bring highs in the 30s to low 40s into the weekend.

That's not exactly warm, and will only slowly melt snow. But a slow melt is actually a good thing.

With that much snow on the ground, you don't want a sudden warm spell with lots of rain. The flooding would be nightmarish.

Let's hope a dry pattern takes hold. Long range forecasts indicate not much in the way of precipitation for a week or so after Thursday, so that's a relief.

Speaking of hope for good things, watch the drone video through to the end. It really does end on a hopeful note.


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