Sunday, December 1, 2013

Yup, We Definitely Had A Chilly November In Vermont

As duly noted already, November turned out to be a cold month in northern New England.
Strong winds whip remaining foliage on trees on
November 1 in St. Albans. That very windy day was
the only truly warm day of the month.  

In Burlington, Vermont, the mean temperature was 35.6 degrees, which was 2.6 degrees chillier than normal, according to the National Weather Service in South Burlington.

It was the coldest departure from normal for any month since January, 2009, which was 4 degrees colder than normal.

The only truly warm day of the month came on the 1st, when Burlington tied a record high for the date of 71 degrees. Just three days later, a record low of 20 degrees was set.

It was definitely a windy month. Half the days during November had wind gusts of 30 mph or more in Burlington. On November 1, the wind gusted to 46 mph in Burlington and more than 50 mph elsewhere in Vermont, which led to some power failures.

It was slightly dry in November, with the total precipitation coming to 2.43 inches, which was 0.7 inches below normal. Because of the chill, we did get some snow, 6.4 inches, which is about an inch above normal for November.

Time will tell if this all portends a harsh winter, or whether we're just getting it all out of the way early.

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