Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Flurried To Death:" Vermont Winter Settles In

Snow lovers in Vermont and other parts of northern New England and northern New York were probably frustrated with all those snowstorms battering the nation over the past couple of weeks,  but scarcely affecting their winter wonderland.
A snow flurry drifts down onto Lake Champlain off
of Burlington, Vermont last winter. While we
sometimes get big snow dumps, usually we get
our snow in small installments.  

But that's actually typical. Up here near the Canadian border, we're no strangers to big dumps of snow, of course, but usually, the build up of snow is more gradual.

 We're "flurried to death" as I like to say, and sooner or later, this parade of small snowfalls adds up to something winter enthusiasts can all enjoy.

That's the pattern we've settled into now. There were bits of snow Monday and Tuesday and more is on the way. Just not any huge mega-storms.

This afternoon, a strong cold front will come in, flinging off some snow showers and snow squalls, which might be good for a dusting to three inches of new powder, maybe a bit more than that in the mountains

Watch out on the drive home from work this afternoon. With those squalls around, the roads in many areas will go from perfectly fine to slick, icy danger zones in seconds. And those squalls could suddenly drop visibility to zero, which means you might not see that car in front of you coming to an abrupt stop until it's too late. BAM!!!!!

The cold will deepen tonight, as temperatures get into the single numbers and highs Thursday struggle into the teens amid a chilly northwest wind.

More light accumulations of snow will probably come along Thursday night and Friday morning.

You might have heard talk of a nor'easter this weekend, which probably has some skiers and riders salivating up here in northern New England ski country.

And it looks like one such storm might come along, but it doesn't look like a perfect set up for feet of snow. But still, a few to several inches might come along with that, ensuring the snow cover will keep slowly deepening as winter deepens too.

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