Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Watch Morons Cause Horrible Accident On Wisconsin Highway

A Wisconsin DOT surveillance camera caught the drama of a major pileup on a snowy highway recently.
One of the Wisconsin crashes caused by
speeders in the snow, Photo by Eric Aspenson
Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.  

As you can see, it's the idiots who decide that driving really fast on snow and ice is the way to go are the cause of the havoc.

They either spin out, hit disabled vehicles, or worst of all, slam into the backs of cars whose drivers have already slowed down, because it dawned on them that flooring it during a winter storm isn't the way to go.

On Sunday, several nasty crashes in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the United States occured on snowy, icy highways. Mostly caused by people in a hurry.

I hope there is some way to ticket and fine the idiots who were speeding on this highway and almost killed a whole bunch of people.  And I would love to hear their excuses as to why they thought they could go so fast.

"Oh, ice is slippery?"
"It's the DOT's fault for allowing snow to fall on the highway"
"I have the right to go as fast as I want?."
"So what if I caused carnage on the highway. That's why there's insurance."

Here's the video, which is instructional on how idiots ruin the rest of our lives during snowstorms. Especially watch the fast cars moving in to the pileup. Ugh.

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  1. Oh, man, that is really something to watch. I'm impressed by how much smarter the various big trucks are, and how they have so much more traction. Most of the rest of these asshat drivers I think I just hate on general principles. It's too bad so many helpless innocent people got caught up this-- although, I guess anybody driving on this road in these conditions is none too bright to begin with.

    Thanks for posting this, Matt.