Monday, June 12, 2017

"Blowtorch Sunday" Fries Vermont; Just As Hot Today

For those of you who want to cool off from this June
heat wave, here's a giant snowbank after a March
blizzard in Richmond, Vermont.
Boy, Sunday afternoon in Vermont felt like a blowtorch, didn't it?

Record high temperatures, a sun angle as high as it can possibly get (it is June after all) and a hot south wind really made for an impressively hot day.

The temperature reached a record high of 95 degrees in Burlington, besting the old record of 92. Sunday also featured the hottest temperature for so early in the season

Yep, there was a breeze, but at that temperature, the gusts as high as 32 degrees felt like an overactive forced air heater.

Montpelier, Vermont also hit a record high of 88 degrees Sunday. The heat extended far to the north. Caribou, in the northern tip of Maine, had a record high of 91 degrees Sunday afternoon. Bangor, Maine also had a record 91 degrees.

I noticed that, a bit like cold weather in the winter, there weren't all that many people out yesterday, except at the beach, and places like the creemee stand I drove past in Milton.

As you might have noticed, we woke up to a warm morning, and it's breezy. Today looks to be similar to Sunday, with just a couple subtle differences.

A weather disturbance was passing through southern Quebec early this morning. It had a package of showers and thunderstorms with it. A few showers might graze far northern areas this morning before the batch moves on into northern Maine, where a few storms could be strong to severe there this afternoon.

Far northern areas, because of the clouds, could be a degree or two "colder" than Sunday but even there, clearing skies later this morning guarantee another hot day.

Today's record high of 92 degrees in Burlington is definitely under threat.

Like the brief two-day blast of heat that brought record high temperatures in mid-May, we're going to quickly cool off, much like what happened after that May heat.

Unlike the May heat wave, we're not expecting the heat to end in a blast of severe thunderstorms. Atmospheric conditions don't really favor strong storms this time. Plus the cold front is expected to come through Vermont early Tuesday morning, at a time of day that does not favor storms.

Thunderstorms tend to fire up more intensely near cold fronts in the afternoon, when the heat of the sun adds instability to the air.

Even so, a thunderstorm or two could fire up near the Canadian border and on into southern Quebec this evening.

Tuesday morning might start off feeling a bit muggy and warm, but a freshening north wind will make the afternoon feel noticeably more comfortable.

Wednesday's highs, under sunshine, will only be in the 65 to 75 degree range. Cool, but not all that unusual for this time of year.

But with low humidity and cool nights by midweek, expect to have much better sleeping weather midweek.

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