Saturday, May 13, 2017

Weather Pattern Change Good For Us, Bad For Others

Nice evening in my St. Albans, Vermont garden last night
After a chilly, wet nor'easter this weekend, a big warmup
is due next week. 
After we slog through a wet and chilly nor'easter here in New England later today into Monday, a big, well-advertised pattern change will set in next week.

That's good for us, because it will be quite a switch from a chilly, cloudy and dank start to May. (Although I have to say Friday scored a "10" in the weather department with blue skies, sun and afternoon warmth.)

As the nor'easter departs, the weather in New England will turn sunnier, and dramatically warmer. Many areas could get into the low 80s by Thursday. Maybe even Wednesday in a couple spots.

As the Weather Channel and other meteorologists note, the change in the weather pattern next week isn't good for everyone.

There hasn't been many tornadoes so far this month in the nation, which is a good thing, since this is the peak time for them.  (By this time in May, there would have been 82 tornadoes in an average year, and we're only up to 45 now.)

The upcoming shift in the jet stream, however, will make it more likely severe weather and tornadoes could strike the middle of the country off and on next week.

The storminess in the middle of the country due next week could put places like Missouri under water again next week.

They had record flooding in that neck of the woods in late April and early May, but it hasn't been particularly wet out there over the past week. A good thing. Signs point to wetter times ahead in the coming days, and they don't need that!

If you're one of those odd ducks who miss the snow that fell on Vermont early last week, you're totally out of luck, although the summits of the highest New England mountains could get snow Sunday.

However, if you want snow, head west. It looks like snowy times are ahead for the high elevations of the Rocky Mountains next week.

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