Friday, May 26, 2017

Airline Pilot Takes Awesome Photos Of Storms While In Flight

"Pacific Storm" by Santiago Borja Lopez, an airline pilot and
photographer with a fascination for storms 
An Ecuador-based airline pilot has a beautiful side job involving weather: He takes incredible photos of lightning-lit thunderstorms from the cockpit.

According to, Santiago Borja Lopez, captures nighttime thunderstorms from a Boeing 767 he operates on long haul flights.

No worries if you're on a plane he's piloting, though. He takes the photos from the control seats, and takes the photos while he is off-duty. (Pilots often take turns at the controls.)

There's an example or two on this here web page blog thingy, but definitely check out his website for much, much more.  (Click on the images in this post to make them bigger and easier to see.)

"Curia" By Santiago Borja Lopez, an aerial view of
a nightime storm approaching Panama City. 

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