Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Update On That Chilly (Slushy?) Thursday Storm

Vermont Public Television's security cameras caught
this image at its transmission tower atop Mount Mansfield,
the other day. The camera will likely capture
similar shots Thursday into Friday.  
As of Wednesday morning, forecasters have backed off a bit on the chances of snow with a very soggy storm coming through Thursday and Thursday night.

That is, unless you live on top of a mountain in northern New York and northern New England.

It IS a chilly week in the North Country. I was planting a client's daffodil bulbs amid persistent snow flurries most of Tuesday afternoon in Richmond, Vermont,  so you know it's chilly.

Today won't be much warmer, and most of the region will get a hard freeze tonight, but tis the season right?

The cold air will sort of be in place as the next storm comes in from the west, but it's early in the season so there won't be much frozen precipitation. If this storm came a month later, hoo-boy!

As it stands now, there might be some snow and sleet Thursday afternoon and evening, especially in the high elevations and east of the Green Mountains.

Most places will go to all rain, with little or no snow accumulation, but the exception could be the high peaks. Places above 2,000 or 2,500 feet in elevation stand to receive 6 to 12 or even a little more inches of heavy, wet snow.

This is on top of the foot or so of snow already resting atop these peaks.

A winter weather advisory is already up for Thursday for the high elevations of New York's Adirondack and Catskill mountains.

This storm will be another drought-denter. The way the forecast looks now, rainfall will range from roughly three quarters of an inch in northwestern New England and northern New York to as much as two inches in parts of eastern New England.

Drink up!

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