Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hurricane Nicole Slams Bermuda

A total white out of wind and rain as viewed
out a window during Hurricane Nicole in
Bermuda todayk 
Bermuda is a tiny island in the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Which means chances are, any of the many  hurricanes that pass at close to Bermuda would score a direct hit there.    
But today, Hurricane Nicole did, bringing quite a blast to that normally calm, wonderful resort island way out there in the Atlantic.

Nicole was a Category 4 hurricane before landfall, but "weakened," if that's the right word, before the eye crossed Bermuda.

Still wind gusts to 119 mph were recorded in Bermuda. It was the strongest hurricane to  hit there in 13 years.

It was pretty cool seeing videos on social media of the intense winds on Bermuda, then the utter, misty calm of the eye, then another blast of hurricane winds.

Bermuda is frequently affected by hurricanes, even if they don't usually score a direct hit. So they're pretty fortified against such storms. Still, there was structural damage, widespread power failures and coastal damage from storm surges with Nicole today.

I have not heard of any deaths or serious injuries in Bermuda so far.

This is the first time two Category 4 hurricanes have been in the Atlantic Ocean during October. Category 4 storms have winds of between 130 and 156 mph.

Heres a view of the hurricane from a Bermuda living room:

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