Monday, October 10, 2016

Hurricane Matthew's Little Sister Nicole Is A Real Terror

Tropical Storm Nicole, shown here Monday morning, is
expected to strengthen into a hurricane again this week. 
While we have been focusing on now-deceased Hurricane Matthew's rampage through the Caribbean and the southeastern United States, we've also had one eye occasionally on Nicole.

She developed well to the northeast of Matthew when Matthew was approaching Florida. Against all predictions, Nicole became a full fledged hurricane.

Then Nicole petered out, smushed by the outflow and upper level winds of her brother Matthew.  She was supposed to die at sea, not having moved much at all.

Now Matthew is out of the picture and Nicole is ready for her 15 minutes of fame again. She's starting to strengthen, she's starting to move north and could threaten Bermuda with a full fledged hurricane later this week.

As of Monday morning, Nicole's top winds were 65 mph. It probably won't strengthen today, but there's a good chance it will midweek.

Nicole's exact track and speed are of course subject to change, so there's no guarantee Nicole will slap Bermuda.

It's still something to watch.

After her dance with Bermuda, Nicole is expected to accelerated northeastward into the cold North Atlantic, where she will finally die out. At least that's the expectation from forecasters watching this temperamental storm.

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