Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Climate Change Anthem" Won't Warm Your Heart In Warming World, But Enjoy!

Watch this chorus perform an "inspirational"
Climate Change Denier Anthem. 
Funny or Die has a wonderful spoof out mocking climate denialists.

Sometimes, a movement will put out an inspirational song to back their cause. Maybe the most famous is "We Are The World" in the 1980s, to combat famine in Africa.

The anthem from Funny or Die purports to be from the Koch Brothers, the conservative billionaires who don't believe that climate change is happening, or at least don't think it's a big deal, so they back politicians that seek to block action on climate change.

The anthem is the typically schmaltzy inspirational music you get in these kinds of anthems. It's kinda set to the music from "We Are The World."  Pay attention to the lyrics to the Climate Change Deniers Anthem, which are also helpfully displayed in the video.

The video hits all the cliches of these things, too. For the record, I don't think climate change denialists are as ridiculous in real life, but like just about everything else in the world (including me!) they deserve to be spoofed.

Watch and enjoy:

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