Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Of Discontent (Ctd): Giant Snowball Smacks Oregon College Dorm

About a week ago, there was up to a foot of snow in the Portland, Oregon area.
In this photo from Reed Magazine
a giant snowball that had rolled down a
hill smashed into a dormitory,
damaging a wall.  

Some students at Reed College in the area decided to make a giant snowball in the quad, just for fun.

Then they had the bright idea to roll the thing down a hill. Two math majors gave the giant icy orb a shove.  Down the hill it went.

But our math majors maybe need to study their calculations more. The huge snowball, weighing up to 900 pounds, plowed into a dorm building, bowing in the wall, according to Reed Magazine, published at Reed College.

The two students who shoved the snowball down the hill immediately reported the mishap to campus security and said they felt totally awful about causing the damage, which will amount into the thousands of dollars.

Since the students didn't cause the damage on purpose and reported the problem as soon as it happened, they won't get in trouble, says Reed Magazine.

Ah, the dangers of winter.

Glad to note nobody was strong enough to pick up the snowball and hurl it at someone. That would have hurt!

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