Wednesday, July 5, 2017

More Rain, But Don't Worry About That Tropical System. At Least For Now

Rising water in Williamstown, Vermont last Saturday.
More rains are forecast Friday and Saturday, but at
this point I'm not expecting the kind of trouble
we had last weekend. 
Enjoy one more day of dry, sunny weather, because more rain is on the way toward Vermont and the rest of the Northeast starting tomorrow, but especially on Friday.

The next rain storm won't be as wet or dangerous as the one we had last weekend, but it could still pose some trouble.  Maybe.

One reason is the ground remains saturated despite the sun we've gotten the past few days. Another reason is the rain Friday could be locally heavy.

The weather system coming in Friday doesn't look like it will have as much moisture to work with as the one last weekend, so the downpours probably won't be as intense.

However, there is the chance we could get another "training" episode, where a series of  storms go over the same area like boxcars along train tracks.

As is always the case, if trouble develops Friday or Saturday - and that's a big if -- only a few places will have problems. Most of us would be just fine.

Next, I'm giving you a hype alert: There's a possible new tropical storm that might want to develop in the central Atlantic Ocean.  

A few weather geeks are highlighting a handful of forecast models that eventually bring that tropical system into the Northeast, which of course would spell huge trouble on waterlogged New England if that were to happen.

All I've got to say is please don't panic and take everything specific you hear about the wannabe tropical system with a Peterbilt-sized grain of salt.  Especially if somebody says it's on its way here. I'm not concerned, that's for sure.

First of all, the thing hasn't formed yet. And might not. Even if it does, nobody knows where it will go. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. If this wannabe tropical storm does form, it could go anywhere in the Atlantic.

If it ends up threatening us - which I sincerely doubt - I'll let you know. Until then, fuhgettaboutit.

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