Thursday, July 6, 2017

They're Still Skiing In The Mountains of California

In this image from the Sacramento Bee, patriotic skiers
enjoy the slopes at Squaw Valley,  California on July 4.
It's the middle of summer, and some enthusiastic fellow Vermonters are probably already comparison shopping for season ski passes for 2017-18.

In California, the 2016-17 ski season still hasn't entirely ended.

At Squaw Valley, a Sierra Nevada ski areas, people hit the slopes on a sunny July 4th holiday wearing shorts and bathing suits. And enjoying snow that was still pretty deep in spots.

Squaw Valley received 60 feet of snow over the winter, which was among the snowiest on record.

Despite some big heat waves, the snow hasn't entirely disappeared.   The Mammoth Mountain ski resort in California and Mount Bachelor in Oregon were also open for skiing on July 4.

There's no word on when any of these ski areas will close for the (brief) summer. I'm sure a few dreamers would like the resorts to stay open until the snow starts falling again in the fall, and then continue on through next winter.

That's not realistic, as the snow is melting fast and there's plenty of summer left to go.

But still: Skiing on the Fourth of July must have really been a trip. Watch the video below for a taste

of it.

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