Monday, June 5, 2017

New England June Gloom Persisting This Week

It's dark and cool and damp in my St. Albans, Vermont
yard, but at least the Korean lilac is brightening things up a bit
"June Gloom" is usually a coastal southern California thing.

Meteorological setups this time of year often draw low clouds and fog onto the immediate California coast, and you get a bunch of grey, coolish days.  

This year, the June Gloom is a creature of New England, for different meteorological reasons.

A series of sluggish storm systems in the upper levels of the atmosphere have given us here in New England extended visits since early May, and we're contending with another one now.

The reason for these slow storms and extended spells of cool, grey weather largely has to do with a persistent ridge of high pressure near Greenland, which has blocked storm systems and made them linger over or near the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada.

The latest one will keep us cold and dark at least hrough Tuesday, and there will probably be a few pockets of heavy rain in some areas mixed in with persistent drizzle and light rain and fog.

Some extra instability in the atmosphere could set off some heavier downpours in northern New York, and strong, wet east winds could create some fairly heavy rain in parts of central and southern Vermont.

The caveat to that is, it's a little hard to pin down precisely who might get up to two inches of rain in heavier downpours. Just keep an eye out for minor flooding in a few spots because of this potential for heavier rain.

During the middle of the week, the upper level low will probably slowly sink toward the south and east, which would gradually help improve our weather. This increased sunshine and warmth will start in southern Quebec and move slowly southward.

Improvement in southern and eastern New England might be delayed until Friday or the weekend. We'll see.

There are signs that early next week, we could get a brief sunny heat blast, perhaps a little like the one we had in mid-May, to give us a break from the June Gloom.

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