Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lots Of Vermont Severe Weather Reports Wednesday; Today Is Quieter

If there was a (slightly) unexpected dearth of severe thunderstorms Tuesday, we more than made up for it Wednesday as a band of strong to severe thunderstorms hit pretty much the entire state of Vermont.

Although reports of wind damage were common, the real story with this one was the hail. That's not a surprise.

Temperatures aloft, several thousand feet overhead were quite chilly for this time of year. Which helped make the storms prolific hail producers.

As you can see in the photo with this post, you could see a bluish tint in the clouds as the thunderstorms approached. (I took the photo in this post as the storms approached Colchester, Vermont.)

When you see that bluish, greenish hue, you know it's going to hail. A few moments after I took that photo, it hailed a LOT. Mostly pea and dime size, but there were a few nickels and even a couple quarter sized chunks thrown in.

So much hail fell that the ground was still white in spots around Colchester nearly an hour after the storms passed.

I don't yet have time to post video of the storm. I'll try to do it in the next few days.

Also several thousand feet overhead, winds were pretty strong. The thunderstorms were able to tap into those winds and bring them to the surface. That's why we had so many reports of trees and wires down. 

Today will be much calmer, with only a few widely scattered light showers this afternoon.

The weather will remain generally unsettled for the next week or so, with an almost daily chance of showers.

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