Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Has Sprung? Yes, But Watch That Sleet

This snowy spot off one of my decks is a perennial garden.
The snow there diminished greatly Sunday, and I'm
hoping to see some greenery there soon, since it's April.
The April sun Sunday afternoon really went to work on that late season snow cover around my house, and in the rest of Vermont.

Here in St. Albans, that six or so inches of snow from Saturday mostly disappeared, but there's plenty of snow left on the ground from all the previous storms. Still, we're making progress. 

Today will be delightful too, with temperatures hitting 50 degrees in many valley locations across Vermont. The sun will be out, too, though it will be fading behind increasing high cloudiness this afternoon.

We're not quite done with wintry weather yet, though. But don't worry, the next storm won't be a repeat of Friday and Saturday.

That next storm will begin late tonight and continue on through Tuesday. The further east in northern New England you get, the more winter type weather you'll encounter with this one.

In western Vermont, there might be a bit of sleet mixed in at the onset of the storm early Tuesday but it will quickly go over to plain rain

East of the Green Mountains, sleet and freezing rain will hang on tougher well into the morning, especially in cold, protected valleys.  Accumulations of sleet will amount to two inches or less, as it looks now. By afternoon, most if not all of eastern Vermont will be into a chilly, but not freezing rain.

Go even further east into western Maine, and some of New Hampshire's White Mountains you hit a winter storm watch for five to eight inches of wet snow, mixed with sleet an rain. Yuck.

It might rain hard enough Tuesday to cause local minor flooding issues, though don't expect a major disaster out of this. Just don't drive through any street flooding caused by rain and ice-clogged storm drains.

After a so-so day Wednesday (but warm enough to keep thawing!) it looks like we're in for another storm Thursday and Friday.

That one looks to be all rain. We're still watching that one carefully because of all the snow melt, the rain from Tuesday and this new storm, flooding could develop in Vermont and the rest of the Northeast.

Keep an eye on that one!

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