Saturday, April 8, 2017

Want Snow? Take A Gander At Gander (Newfoundland)

A road in Gander, Newfoundland this week after
record snows there. Photo by Nancy Warren
Here where I sit in Vermont, the snow is finally melting at a good clip. Just a few days ago, my property was completely snow covered.

Today, it's mostly snow free

Many of us are saying good riddance to winter and spring snow, but there are a few holdouts who love snow, no matter what.

If you're here in Vermont, we got a minor treat last night  with a quick dusting to two inches of fresh powder in the valleys and maybe a bit more than that in the mountains.

There were reports of three to six inches of snow in parts of northern Vermont this morning, with even more than than in some of the mountaiuns.

But that will very quickly melt Saturday and Sunday as the tempertures warm up again.

For those of you who want a very snowy experience, go all the way up to Newfoundland, Canada. And take a gander at the city of Gander.

This week, there was 87 inches of snow on the ground there, the most recorded in that region's history. They've had storm after storm after storm in recent weeks.

Fun fact: If you think you've heard of Gander in another subtext lately, you have. There's a hit Broadway musical called "Come From Away' about the hospitality the people of Gander gave when transcontinental planes had to land there on Sept 11, 2001, stranding nearly 7,000 people there.

As wonderful as the people of Gander clearly are, I wouldn't want to be there right now. We'll wait until the snow melts. If it does.
A house in Gander, Newfoundland buried in snow this week.

Some of the snowstorms we've had over the past few months have gone on to hit Newfoundland. So did some offshore ones that missed us. Plus, some of our recent rainstorms ended up in Newfoundland as snow.

Newfoundland has never exactly been tropical, but I bet they're really pining for spring up there.

It will come. Newfoundland is pretty far north, but it does get spring and summer. Normal high temperatures this time of year in Gander are well up in the 30s, and often reach the low 70s at least during the summer.

Let's hope they don't get much more snow. For the next few days, things are looking up in Gander. Environment Canada predicts no new snow, and daytime temperatures in the 40s for the next few days.

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