Saturday, March 4, 2017

Quick Reminder: It's Still Winter

A gusty snow shower amid temperatures in the low single
numbers gave St. Albans, Vermont a decidedly
Arctic look this morning.
Just as expected, it's cold in New England this morning.

Neither me, nor my dogs particularly enjoyed our daily first-thing-in-the-morning trip outdoors today.

Oh well. 

The forecast I laid out for you yesterday is on track, with temperatures hovering just above zero early this morning. They won't go up much, and will top out between 5 and 15 above zero in northern New England today.

As previously noted, temperatures will likely go below zero tonight. In parts of the Champlain Valley, this could be the first time that's happened since mid-December.

Another friendly reminder: There's patchy areas of snow falling out there this Saturday morning. People tend to think snow falling when it's very cold is "dry" and therefore not slippery on the roads.

Well, the snow is dry, but it still compacts under tires into ice. I saw that yesterday afternoon when the streets in and around Burlington were a bit slippery beneath some light snow showers.

After a chilly Sunday, we're still expecting a dramatic warmup Monday and especially Tuesday, when temperatures will reach the 50s.

Beyond that, the roller coaster continues, with temperatures fallling again by the end of next week. However, it doesn't look like it will be as cold then as it is now.

Spring is on its way, after all.

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