Sunday, March 12, 2017

Before New England's Big Storm, Newfoundland Got SLAMMED By Wild Storm

A wild storm Saturday blew thsi shed into some trees
near St. John's Newfoundland Saturay. 
As the Northeast gears up for a huge, snowy, disruptive, possibly damaging nor'easter, Newfoundland, Canada got their own nor'easter that proved to be wilder than anything they'd seen in a long while.  

What had been a small storm that dropped snow on southern New England Friday bombed out and became enormous off the coast of the Canadian Maritimes.

It really slammed Newfoundland with incredibly destructive winds which gusted to more than 100 mph in places.

Newfoundland is used to very gusty, snowy, rainy nor'easters that would make even an experienced, weathered New Englander blanche, but this one was a biggie, even by Atlantic Canada standards.

The wind cut power to thousands of residents, tore siding and roofing shingles from many homes, toppled vehicles, downed trees, shredded signs and generally just caused havoc on Saturday.

The extensive storm was a main reason why there were such gusty cold winds here in northern New England Saturday. The winds were caused by the contrast between the deep, strong storm Newfoundland and high pressure to the northwest.

Here are two videos from the storm:

The first is an overview

And here's one at one guy's house. About halfway through the video, he shows the trees, really rocking.

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